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TruCut 1000 Grit 5 Inch Pad

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TruCut 1000 Grit 5 Inch Bowling Pad.


The only TRUCUT in bowling. All pads cut a bowling ball the way a pad should.Please take a minute out and look at the picture showing our weave backing.

You will see how our pad compares to others. Our weave backing cuts a better surface direct to the ball.

Available Other Grits 500 & 2000

These pads will give a longer lasting,TRUE CUT that resists "Lane Shine" and improves consistency and bowling ball performance.

Check this out about the USEIT TRUCUT

Longer Lasting

Cuts True To Grit (example 1000 cuts like a 1000 should)

Reusable and easily cleaned after every use

Easier to control sanding wet or dry

Hook and Loop backing

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